Are Sierra And Diego From On My Block Dating?

Is Diego Tinoco dating anyone?

Some fans would be happy to know that Tinoco and his ‘Monse’ star, Sierra Capri, are not dating in real life, but who wouldn’t love the dynamics the two stars have at the moment.

The two are very close indeed, and love hanging out outside the camera world too, but the relationship, well, is strictly platonic for now..

Who is Sierra capris boyfriend?

actor Diego TinocoSierra Capri Boyfriend Capri is now unmarried by her relationship status. But she is in a relationship with her co-star actor Diego Tinoco by her fan after seeing on-screen chemistry between them.

How old is Monse?

Sierra Capri (Monse): Age 21 Capri’s Monse is the physical and emotional center of On My Block: she’s smart, outspoken, and a great friend. Despite looking extremely like a 13-year-old in her braces at the beginning of the series, she’s actually 20.

How old is spooky from on my block?

Spooky is around 19-20 years old and many people are scared of him, hence the nickname Spooky.

Is Monse a Latina?

Character Description Monse is a headstrong, bossy girl of Afro-Latina descent. She was raised by her single father. Monse is a selfless, outspoken girl who will do anything to keep her friends together.

Why did Monse mom leave her?

She abandoned Monse because she didn’t want a black child. In Chapter Twenty-Five in Season Three, it is revealed by Bryan that she died by suicide.

Where did the RollerWorld money go?

In the Season 1 finale, Ruby and Olivia were shot by Latrelle at her quinceañera, Jamal found the RollerWorld money buried beneath the school’s football field, and Cesar and Monse decided to be in a relationship.

Are Sierra Capri and Diego Tinoco dating?

Diego and Capri are quite close but they are not dating Contrary to what you might think, Diego and Capri are not dating. They are quite close, and they hang around flirtatiously when they are not filming, but their relationship is, at the moment, platonic. Diego told Teen Vogue: “Sierra is such a great actress.

Who is Diego dating?

Before Lauren, Diego was dating Desiree Montoya. Prior to getting involved with Lauren, Diego was dating TikTok and Instagram celeb Desiree Montoya back in 2019, according to The Netline. Desiree is a 15-year-old influencer from Texas who is incredibly close with her friends and family, and calls her fans “Desinators.”

Is Sierra dating Diego?

Sadly, the dynamic duo isn’t hooking up in real life, but the co-stars do have a lot of (platonic) love and respect for each other. “Sierra is such a great actress. Working with her, instantly we can just jump into it,” Diego told Teen Vogue of the 21-year-old.

Is Diego Martir dating Peaches?

Diego Martir Announces He’s Dating Peaches; “SHE’S MY NEW GIRLFRIEND”

What song was playing when Olivia died on my block?

Changes”Changes” is the song playing at the dance when Ruby runs out and has a panic attack. “Changes” is the song that was playing when Ruby and Olivia got shot last season as well.

Do Cesar and Monse actually date?

They secretly dated until “Chapter Six” as Monse believed it was best they weren’t together as it could damage their friendship with “the crew”. They later rekindled their relationship in “Chapter Ten” after Monse reveals she no longer wants to hide their relationship.