How Do You Use Giggle In A Sentence?

What does it mean to giggle?

to laugh in a silly, often high-pitched way, especially with short, repeated gasps and titters, as from juvenile or ill-concealed amusement or nervous embarrassment..

What is giggle app?

Giggle is a new girls-only social networking app, designed to give women their power back by connecting them to other women in a safe, consensual and supportive environment.

Is a giggle a laugh?

When used as verbs, giggle means to laugh gently or in a high-pitched voice, whereas laugh means to show mirth, satisfaction, or derision, by peculiar movement of the muscles of the face, particularly of the mouth, causing a lighting up of the face and eyes, and usually accompanied by the emission of explosive or …

Can you spare me some time?

People on the street ask for “spare change.” When you ask someone to spare a few minutes to listen to you, you’re saying it won’t take long, and the person granting you the time won’t be greatly inconvenienced.

What is another word for free time?

Alternate Synonyms for “free time”: spare time; time off. leisure; leisure time.

What does chuckle mean?

to laugh softly or amusedly, usually with satisfaction: They chuckled at the child’s efforts to walk. to laugh to oneself: to chuckle while reading.

What is the sentence of giggle?

Giggle sentence examples. Evelyn’s giggle turned into outright laughter. “If he were a tree,” she started to giggle and lowered the tablet. Sarah broke the silence with a tenuous giggle that evoked a twisted smile from Jackson.

How do you use spare in a sentence?

Spare sentence examplesThis list goes on, but I will spare you. … What else are you doing to fill in all your spare time? … We can spare a little time in Santa Barbara. … But I shall spare her. … I only wish I could spare my brother the first moments. … I have brought a spare uniform.More items…

What does it mean when you spare someone?

to prevent someone from experiencing an unpleasant, painful, or embarrassing situation or feeling. spare someone something: Thank God she had been spared the ordeal of surgery.

What is the opposite word of giggle?

Antonyms of GIGGLE pout, scowl, moan, groan, frown, grimace, mouth, cry, wail, face, lower.

What does Simper mean?

(Entry 1 of 2) intransitive verb. : to smile in a silly, affected, or ingratiating manner Through force of will, she escaped the narrowness of Victorian daughterhood, the polite world of needlework and simpering over teacups that had always bored her.—

What is another word for giggle?

What is another word for giggle?chuckletitterchortlesnickersniggerlaughteeheetwittercackleguffaw44 more rows