Is Unreplaceable Correct?

What does unrepeatable mean?


not capable of being repeated.

not fit to be repeated, esp due to swearing or lewdnesshis stories were unrepeatable..

What’s another word for priceless?

SYNONYMS FOR priceless 1 irreplaceable, precious, costly, incomparable.

What does it mean when someone is irreplaceable?

adjective. The definition of irreplaceable is something or someone that cannot be replaced. Your children are an example of something you would describe as irreplaceable.

What does no one is irreplaceable mean?

The adjective irreplaceable describes anything that’s one of a kind, particularly if it has deep sentimental value to you, like your grandmother’s irreplaceable engagement ring. When you replace something, you get something that’s just like it, but if something is irreplaceable, there’s just no substitute.

Is irregardless a word?

Irregardless is a nonstandard synonym for regardless, which means “without concern as to advice, warning, or hardship,” or “heedless.” Its nonstandard status is due to the double negative construction of the prefix ir- with the suffix -less. … The bottom line is that irregardless is indeed a word, albeit a clunky one.

What does no one is indispensable mean?

There’s a popular saying, in business particularly, which goes like this: “No one is indispensable.” This means that you are not special; that you can be easily replaced by anyone we (somewhat carefully) pick off the street.

How do you spell Unreplaceable?

adjective. That cannot be replaced; irreplaceable.

Is it pronounced blessed or blessed?

Blessed can be an adjective meaning holy, in which case it is pronounced with two syllables: Blessed is the name of the Lord. Blessed can also be the past tense of the verb bless, in which case it is pronounced with one syllable: The priest blessed the bread. One syllable is the present passive participle of to bless.

Is it correct to say Have a blessed day?

Have a blessed day vs Have a bless day. “Have a blessed day” is correct, because in this example, the word “blessed” is an adjective. The past tense of a verb can sometimes be used this way, for example: “a cooked meal,” or “a mixed drink.”

Who is an irresponsible person?

The definition of irresponsible is not capable of handling assignments or taking responsibility. An example of an irresponsible person is someone who constantly forgets to do her assignments. YourDictionary definition and usage example.

What is another word for replaces?

Some common synonyms of replace are displace, supersede, and supplant. While all these words mean “to put out of a usual or proper place or into the place of another,” replace implies a filling of a place once occupied by something lost, destroyed, or no longer usable or adequate.

What does the word forefathers mean?

: a person (especially a man) who was in your family in past times. : a person (especially a man) from an earlier time who helped to create or start something modern or important. See the full definition for forefather in the English Language Learners Dictionary. forefather. noun.

What does inlay mean?

verb (used with object), in·laid, in·lay·ing. to decorate (an object) with layers of fine materials set in its surface: to inlay a chest with lighter wood. to insert or apply (layers of fine materials) in the surface of an object: to inlay marble in a tabletop.

Is blest a correct word?

When blessed is used as a verb, it is pronounced with one syllable (blest). Example: Before we ate, our uncle Tony blessed [blest] the meal. Rule 2. When the word blessed is used as part of an adverb (blessedly) or a noun (blessedness), it is pronounced with two syllables (bles-id).

How do you say irreplaceable person?

Irreplaceable Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for irreplaceable?uniqueincomparablewithout priceof immeasurable valueof immeasurable worthof incalculable valueof incalculable worthof inestimable value72 more rows

What means blessed?

consecrated; sacred; holy; sanctified: the Blessed Sacrament. worthy of adoration, reverence, or worship: the Blessed Trinity. divinely or supremely favored; fortunate: to be blessed with a strong, healthy body; blessed with an ability to find friends. blissfully happy or contented.

What does it mean priceless?

1a : having a value beyond any price : invaluable. b : costly because of rarity or quality : precious. 2 : having worth in terms of other than market value. 3 : delightfully amusing, odd, or absurd.

Is Unreplaceable a word?

Unreplaceable adjective – Impossible to replace. … You can use “Irreplaceable” instead an adjective “Unreplaceable”.