Question: Can You Run 2 TVs Off 1 Virgin Box?

Can I use my old Virgin TiVo box in another room?

Can I still use my old TiVo box.

You can.

Put it in another room, and you can watch Virgin Media TV in another part of the house.

You’ll have to connect the old TiVo box to your router directly via Ethernet cable to do so, but it means you won’t lose any of those precious episodes of Planet Earth you’ve been hoarding..

How do I connect two tvs to one cable box?

Connect the cable receiver box to the main cable line in your home through the receiver’s input port.Attach another coaxial cable to the output port on the receiver. … Link each TV set to the splitter or switch using however many coaxial cables and ports on the splitter/switch you need.

How much does multiroom cost on Virgin?

Virgin Media’s multiroom offering comes in the form of additional Tivo or V6 boxes that cost £7.50 per box per month on top of the TV package costs. Meanwhile, BT offer Extra Box to customers who want to watch BT TV in more than one room for £5 per month.

Can I get a free v6 box from Virgin?

Virgin Media has announced this week that they will be offering existing Virgin TV customers a free upgrade to their V6 box, giving them access to the very best connected entertainment experience alongside ultrafast broadband. … To find out more, head over to the Virgin Media website.

Can I use my old Virgin TiVo box without subscription?

Without a subscription to Virgin Media, you are not entitled to any service. Also, the TiVo box remains the property of Virgin Media.

How can I watch TV in another room?

So if you wanted to connect your cable box to two TVs, you’d need to connect the box’s HDMI out port to the wireless transmitter to send the signal to the TV in a different room and use one of the other connection cables (HDMI, coaxial, RCA composite, etc.) to connect to the TV near the cable outlet.

Can you have Virgin TV in two rooms?

You can get up to five additional set-top boxes with Virgin Media multi-room. These allow you to watch all the channels you have as part of your Virgin TV subscription, as well as on-demand shows and apps. … Customers get a second Virgin TV V6 box for free.

How do I add a second Virgin box?

You place a second Virgin box – either another V6 or an older TiVo – in a second room, then connect both to your network via ethernet. If you haven’t got the facility to link the boxes directly, you can connect via a Powerline plug or similar.

How do I set up Virgin multiroom?

Set up multiroom viewing for Virgin TVCheck you have the right equipment. First thing to do is check you have all the right equipment. … Connect to the outlet. … Connect to the TV box. … Connect to the TV. … Plug into the electricity. … Turn your TV on. … Enter your code. … Wait for the signal test.

Can I plug Virgin cable directly into TV?

Member. you can plug your cable into your t.v. and view the free to air channels which your t.v. can decode.