Question: How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Phone With Tmobile?

What do I do if I lost my tmobile phone?

Claim HelpIf your device was lost or stolen, call T-Mobile at 1-877-778-2106 to suspend your service and protect yourself against unauthorized charges.Have your mobile number and device information (manufacturer, model, and serial number).

Once your claim is approved, a non-refundable deductible may apply..

How long is T mobile warranty?

one yearThe Manufacturer’s Warranty extends for one year beginning from the date the Customer purchases the REVVLRY Device, as indicated by Customer’s proof of purchase, from T-Mobile, a T-Mobile dealer or other T-Mobile authorized retailer.

Does Tmobile have a phone tracker?

With T-Mobile FamilyWhere® a T-Mobile primary account holder can use the FamilyWhere Android app or the My T-Mobile website to locate any phone on their plan that is on the T-Mobile 4G/LTE network.

How much does tmobile charge for a replacement phone?

There are no deductibles or claim limitations for malfunctioning devices, though T-Mobile charges a $5 processing fee for replacement phones.

How long does it take for T Mobile to replace a phone?

Once a claim is approved, your replacement device will be shipped overnight, at no charge where available, for delivery within one to two business days. If you provided your email address when filing your claim, you’ll get an email with tracking info alerting you that the device has been shipped.

Can you trade in a phone that isn’t paid off T Mobile?

Best answer by tmo_chris Hey there! If you have JUMP on your account and your current device is fully paid off, the trade in credit can be applied to your next upgrade to reduce the total cost and lower your monthly payments or offset any down payment you need to make.

How long does a replacement phone take?

About how long does it usually take to get the new one in? Usually only takes about 1-3 days unless the phone is on back order.

How do you get a phone off the Lost and Stolen List?

Call your phone or use your Mobile App to send an alert. Start simple. … Use the Mobile App or your phone’s native find-my-phone feature. This is why we made sure you were all set up above. … Text your phone. … Back up, then Wipe it immediately. … Lock your device & Change passwords. … Contact your carrier. … Alert the police.

What happens if you find your phone after it was lost and claimed?

If you reported the phone lost or stolen, and Asurion replaced it, the lost or stolen phone, if it’s found, is blacklisted, and will remain so. Keeping a phone you made an insurance claim on is fraud on your part.

Can I get a replacement phone from T Mobile?

Contact T-Mobile Customer Service to request your replacement phone or device. Other claims (accidental damage, loss, or theft) are processed by the claim center.

Can you trade in a cracked Iphone T Mobile?

No, if you are able to take your device into a T-Mobile store and it turns on and there is no visible damage, such as water damage or a cracked screen, you can simply trade in your phone and purchase a new one for the subsidized/ down payment price.

Does tmobile replace broken phones?

Repair or replace a damaged device Screen damage and liquid damage are not covered under the warranty, so T-Mobile can’t exchange devices with this damage.

Can you trade in a slightly cracked phone?

Any crack on the screen will be deemed a non working device and won’t be accepted for the trade-in.

Can I trade in my iPhone for a new one?

Apple’s iPhone Trade-Up Program Apple provides a simple way to exchange your old iPhone for a new one. … You can mail in your old device for a gift card that you can use at Apple online or at a retail store near you to put toward your new iPhone or any store purchase. You don’t even need to trade in an iPhone, either.

How fast does tmobile ship phones?

Shipping From Metro by T-Mobile UPS typically delivers all Metro by T-Mobile packages within 5–7 business days after the order has been processed. Orders placed before 3:00 p.m. EST on a business day will normally ship the same day, or the next business day if the order is placed after 3 p.m. EST.

How much does it cost to replace an iPhone with tmobile?

Access to lower service fees: for iPhone – $29 for screen damage*, or $99 for any other iPhone accidental damage; for iPad – $49 for accidental damage*. Apple-certified repair or replacement with Express Replacement Service.