Question: Is Luffy Stronger Than Admiral?

Who can beat Shanks?

One Piece: 5 Characters Who Can Defeat Shanks (& 5 Who Can’t)1 Can’t: Akainu.

The final character on the list is Fleet Admiral Akainu.2 Can: Kaido.

Kaido is one of the Four Yonko, just like Shanks.

3 Can’t: Monkey D.


4 Can: Monkey D.


5 Can’t: Kozuki Oden.

6 Can: Marshall D.

7 Can’t: Charlotte Katakuri.

8 Can: Gol D.

More items…•.

Who’s the strongest admiral in one piece?

SAKAZUKI3 SAKAZUKI Sakazuki (formerly known as Akainu) is the current Fleet Admiral of the Marines and his position means he’s currently the most powerful person in the organization. Akainu is a fervent believer in the Marine principle of Absolute Justice.

Can Luffy beat akainu?

No way. Luffy has grown a lot though. He has enhanced his devil fruit powers with gear 4 and multiple variations of it with Snake, Bound and Tank. His haki has grown to where he’s capable of fighting with commander lvl characters but at this point, Akainu is considered one of the strongest characters in the series.

Is Sabo as strong as an Admiral?

As expected of Monkey D. Dragon’s disciple, Sabo possesses enough strength to stalemate against an Admiral, as seen at Dressrosa. With his advanced Armament Haki and the newly acquired Mera Mera no Mi, Sabo is nigh unstoppable. His bounty of 602 million berries doesn’t do justice to his skills as a fighter.

Why is Big Mom afraid of Shanks?

TL;DR Big Mom is afraid of Shanks because he’s just too powerful for her.

Who is the weakest yonko?


Who can defeat akainu?

Dragon- As the head of the revolutionary army who has a beef with Akainu, and who is the most wanted man, he will be able to defeat Akainu. Sengoku- The former fleet admiral is more than strong enough to beat Akainu.

Who can kill kizaru?

One Piece: 5 Characters That Can Beat Admiral Kizaru (& 5 That Can’t)3 Can’t Beat: Crocodile.4 Can Beat: Whitebeard. … 5 Can’t Beat: Koby. … 6 Can Beat: Sengoku. … 7 Can’t Beat: Chaton. … 8 Can Beat: Garp. … 9 Can’t Beat: Smoker. … 10 Can Beat: Akainu. … More items…•

Who is the weakest Admiral?

Who is the weakest admiral?akainu. 9.6%fujitora. 50.7%kuzan. 13.7%Kizaru. 26.0%

Will Luffy awaken his devil fruit?

10 Will Awaken: Luffy Luffy has the powers of the Gomu Gomu no Mi, a Paramecia type of Devil Fruit that has turned his body into rubber. He’s mastered the powers of the fruit to quite a high degree and is just moments away from awakening its powers.

Can Luffy beat smoker?

Luffy would have been defeated by Smoker before timeskip, since without the knowledge of haki he had no way to fight someone who possess logia type devil fruit. … Smoker was easily done in by Doflamingo, while Luffy managed to defeat him which proves that Luffy can defeat Smoker quite easily.

Who killed akainu?

7 Avoiding Whitebeard’s Thrashing Akainu seemed unbeatable at times and currently, he is one of the most powerful characters in the series, but when he was up against Whitebeard he was getting washed. When Whitebeard was enraged, he completely destroyed Akainu and immediately made him regret killing Ace.

Is aokiji a good guy?

Aokiji is a good person. He stands with Garp, Sengoku and Saul D. Jaeger in this matter and follows moral justice. Even if the line defining good and evil is blurred in One Piece, it’s easy to figure out he is on the good side.

Can Shanks beat Blackbeard?

Shanks can probably defeat him. He is definitely strong but his power is not shown. He is the one who had put both the Navy and Whitebeard’s fleet in fear and he is the one who ended the war. Kaido can also defeat him.

Can Luffy beat mihawk?

It won’t even be a competition at Luffy’s current state. He would need some serious haki overdose to fight a swordsman of Mihawk’s caliber. Before 3d2y it’s definitely impossible for luffy to take out Mihawk.

Can Zoro beat Fujitora?

He might be able to stand his ground against Fujitora for a bit but he would still lose. The Admirals (including Fujitora) are among the strongest people in the world and are the strongest force that the marines have capable of opposing the Yonkos themselves. … so no,zoro can’t defeat fujitora yet.

Can Luffy beat Admiral kizaru?

No. So to defeat an admiral like Kizaru he will need more: Like an awakening or gear 5. … Speedwise he should be able to keep up with him in his snake man form at least, since Kizaru doesn’t actually move in light speed, otherwise,nobody would be able to hit him…

Did Luffy kill anyone?

No, he never killed anyone. The reason why he never kills anyone is that he is leaving them another chance to achieve their dreams. … How come Luffy never kills his enemies?

Can Garp really kill akainu?

Yes,at the time at Marineford, Garp could have killed Akainu. However,it would be extreamly close fight, harder than that between Akainu and Whitebeard. … Because his fighting style isn’t as effective against fighters like Akainu as Whitebeard’s was.

Is Luffy yonko level?

It is very likely that he is already Yonko level after the training he got, if he defeats or ties with Kaido or Big Mom that level will be confirmed. It is very likely that he is already Yonko level after the training he got, if he defeats or ties with Kaido or Big Mom that level will be confirmed.

Can Zoro beat an Admiral?

Since Luffy who is stronger than Zoro, struggled against a Yonko commander, I will say that Zoro is not Admiral level yet. … It safe to say he will be able to beat an Admiral towards the end of the series, right now he can not.