Question: What Is Meaning Of Better Off?

What does it mean to go extra mile?

Definition of go the extra mile : to do more than one is required to do She’s always willing to go the extra mile to help a friend..

Are better off synonym?

Better-off Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for better-off?affluentcomfortableprosperousrichwealthywell-heeledhappiermore fortunate

What is meant by better off?

Meaning of better off in English to be in a better situation, if or after something happens: He’d be better off working for a bigger company. Rich and wealthy.

How do you use better off?

Example SentencesThe family is better off without this guy who respects nobody and thinks that he is the centre of the universe at all times.He is better off without his wife at such parties.I do not believe that you will be better off without this suitcase.More items…

What does worse off mean?

1 : having less money and possessions : less wealthy He was worse off financially than he was before. 2 : in a worse position If you quit school, you will be worse off.

What is the meaning of better?

1 : greater than half for the better part of an hour. 2 : improved in health or mental attitude feeling better. 3 : more attractive, favorable, or commendable in better circumstances. 4 : more advantageous or effective a better solution.

What is meaning of rid of?

verb (used with object), rid or rid·ded, rid·ding. to clear, disencumber, or free of something objectionable (usually followed by of): I want to rid the house of mice.

What is the meaning of get rid off?

: to do something so as to no longer have or be affected or bothered by (something or someone that is unwanted) It’s time to get rid of this old sweater. I can’t seem to get rid of this cold. He stayed on talking and talking.

Are you better off meaning?

phrase. If you say that someone would be better off doing something, you are advising them to do it or expressing the opinion that it would benefit them to do it. If you’ve got bags you’re better off taking a taxi.

What is another word for get rid of?

What is another word for get rid of?discarddumpditchjunkloseoffloaddisposeejecteliminateexpel144 more rows

Is it rid of or rid off?

To cause (someone) to be free from something; relieve or disencumber: He was finally able to rid himself of all financial worries. To rid oneself of (something); discard or get free of: Let’s get rid of that broken chair. [Middle English ridden, probably from Old Norse rydhja, to clear land.]

Is it better off or better of?

If you mean “I expect you to do better”, then “better of you” is correct. Usually, “better off” describes the outcome of a situation. For example: “you would be better off if you stopped working now and get some sleep” or “we are better off not knowing how the sausage gets made.”

What does get the better of you mean?

If a feeling gets the better of you, you cannot stop yourself from allowing that feeling to make you do something, despite knowing that what you are doing is wrong: Her curiosity got the better of her and she opened the door and peeped inside.

What is another word for better?

What is another word for better?superiorfinergranderenhancedmore desirablemore valuablemore advancedmore enhancedmore excellingmore exceptional18 more rows

What is the meaning of better half?

A person’s better half is their husband, wife, or usual sexual partner. Synonyms. mate.