Quick Answer: Is Media Mail Cheaper Than Regular Mail?

How much does it cost to mail media mail?

Media Mail® is a cost-effective way to send media and educational materials.

This service has restrictions on the type of media that can be sent.

Prices start at $2.80 at a Post Office..

What are the rules for media mail?

Media Mail rates are limited to the items listed below:Books (at least 8 pages).Sound recordings and video recordings, such as CDs and DVDs.Play scripts and manuscripts for books, periodicals, and music.Printed music.More items…

What is the difference between Library Mail and Media Mail?

Media mail does include books. However, USPS does have a ‘Library Mail’ class, but is used only by qualifying institutions like libraries, universities, zoos, and research institutions to mail educational and research material.

Are pictures considered media?

Blank Media such as blank CDs, DVDs, audio tapes and/or video tapes. Video Tapes with advertising (trailers for movies are not considered advertising). Photographs or photo albums. Trading Cards, such as sports and hobby cards.

Do video games qualify for Media Mail?

While video games may be read on computers, unlike books or films eligible for Media Mail prices, which predominantly further educational or informational goals, games, including board games and games in an electronic format, are used primarily for entertainment and they do not serve the same purpose as books, films, …

Does media mail take longer than regular mail?

Media Mail is a cost-effective way to send media materials through the U.S. Postal Service. … Although you won’t pay as much to send these items via Media Mail, they can take longer to get to their destination. USPS estimates that your item will arrive in 2 to 10 days.

Why is media mail cheaper?

While Media Mail takes a little longer than First-Class Mail to arrive at its destination, it is offered at a much lower rate – making it a very attractive option. But, because the prices are so low, the Postal Service has instituted strict restrictions on what does and does not qualify as Media Mail.

Can I use any box for media mail?

The Post Office does not provide boxes for Media Mail. Only for Priority and Express. Media Mail is great for Books, Computer Software, etc. … In bad weather you should use plastic bags and seal them before packing books in mailers or boxes.

Can I put priority mail in my mailbox?

You should only be putting mail in your own personal mailbox or a blue USPS collection box. If it will fit in the box, yes. If not, you can just leave it at your front door or near your mailbox and your mail carrier should pick it up.

Is media mail cheaper than flat rate?

Other Options. Generally, Media Mail will be the cheapest option to ship books, but there might be a few instances where other options cost less. If you are sending multiple books, compare your Media Mail price with that of a flat rate box.

Can I put media mail in my mailbox?

The fact that the package is being shipped by Media Mail has nothing to do with whether it can be left in a mailbox. … Media Mail dropped into mail boxes or the APC in post offices are returned to the sender. This is regardless of weight or online postage.

Can you put bubble wrap in media mail?

Yes, hardcovers can be sent media mail and, yes, bubble-wrap can be used with media mail. All formats of books, audio books, graphic novels, music CDs, and movies can all be sent on the media mail rate.

What package can I use for media mail?

Available for sending small and large packages containing books, film, manuscripts, sound recordings, video tapes, and computer media (such as CDs, DVDs, and diskettes) only. Media Mail cannot contain advertising. Books shipping as Media Mail may contain incidental book announcements. Packages can weigh up to 70 lbs.

Can you send bubble mailers in the mailbox?

Poly bubble mailers with extra bubble wrap inside are more secure than the kraft ones. Kraft ones get brittle and tape fails, or they can easily get wet and contents be damaged. And, yes, put it in the mailbox. Be sure and put the flag up.

Do they check media mail?

2, Media Mail Packages are subject to inspection by the Postal Service™. Upon such inspection, matter not eligible for the Media Mail rate may be assessed at the proper rate and sent to the recipient postage due, or the sender may be contacted for additional postage (DMM 604.8.