Quick Answer: What Jobs Can You Get With An Rhia?

How do I get Rhia certified?

To get an RHIA credential, individuals must 1) complete an on-campus, online, or hybrid bachelor’s program in health information management or health information technology (HIT) that’s accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM), or 2) graduate ….

How much do Rhit make an hour?

What Is the Average RHIT Salary by StateStateHourly WageAnnual SalaryCalifornia – RHIT Salary$28.64$59,562Virginia – RHIT Salary$28.51$59,297Kentucky – RHIT Salary$27.93$58,103South Dakota – RHIT Salary$27.87$57,96746 more rows

What degree do you need to work in medical records?

Medical records clerks are generally required to obtain a high school diploma or GED. However, many employers prefer to hire candidates who have an associate degree.

Who gets paid more a medical biller or coder?

Medical Billers sometimes take on multiple responsibilities, which requires them to perform both billing and coding duties. However, medical billers, on their own, earn an average salary that is usually less than that of a medical coder.

How much do medical coders make a year?

According to the AAPC, the average medical coding specialist with a bachelor’s degree earns $54,210 per year, while an average medical coder with no college education earns $49,066 per year.

How much does a Rhia make?

The Average RHIA Salary Was $80,630 As for RHIA salary, the average entry-level pay was $58,270 in 2016. The average salary for RHIA-certified professionals at all levels was $80,630.

Is him a good career?

Healthcare information management is an in-demand career field and the outlook for job growth is positive, so you have the potential to earn a very good salary with an HIM associate or bachelor’s degree.

Which is better RHIT or RHIA?

While an RHIT only requires an associate degree, you must have a bachelor’s degree to become an RHIA. Additionally, an RHIA is a management position, while an RHIT is a technical position. RHIAs are more focused on analytics, health record security and privacy, HIPPA compliance, and data governance.

Is Rhit a lifetime certification?

Critique this statement: Once someone has earned the registered health information technician (RHIT) credential, it is a lifetime certification.

Is Rhia a coding certification?

Having an RHIA certification means a professional will be adept at medical coding classifications and associated terminologies as they pertain to the health care system and patient records. … The RHIA exam is 180 questions with four hours allowed for completion, and covers: Health data management.

Do medical billers work from home?

Some medical billers work from home, either as employees or independent contractors, but the position depends on the company you work for and the amount of trust you have earned from your clients.

How do I pass Rhia exam?

10 Ways to Feel Better Prepared for the RHIA Certification ExamTake advantage of early RHIA certification testing. … Study with distractions. … Realize that you know more than you think you do. … Don’t feel like you have to be an expert in all areas. … Expect questions and answers to be in random order. … Pace yourself. … Review your answers at the very end. … Answer all questions.More items…•

What type of medical coders make the most money?

The highest-paid coders, on average, were certified coders who had earned a doctorate degree. Non-certified coders with a doctorate degree commanded higher average salaries, at $62,500 annually, than certified coders with less than a Master’s degree, at $51,389.

How long does it take to get Rhia certification?

You know now that your bachelor’s degree wasn’t a waste of time and that you can earn a certificate in HIM in as little as two years while still qualifying to take the RHIA exam.

What is the passing score for Rhia exam?

300 out of 400The current passing scale score for the RHIA exam is 300 out of 400.

How much is the RHIA exam?

Apply for the Exam Apply to take the Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA) exam. Non-member price: $299 (Learn more about the benefits of AHIMA membership.)

Who makes more money medical assistant or medical billing?

Medical billing and coding is very different from medical assisting. … The average salary of a medical billing and coding specialist is around $32,350 per year, a bit higher than that of medical assistants. However, within this range, the salaries can reach as low as $22,000 a year.

What can I do with a BS in Health Information Management?

7 Health information management jobs to considerHealth information manager. … Medical coder. … Data analyst. … Outpatient coding compliance auditor. … Clinical documentation specialist. … Clinical systems manager. … Medical research analyst.