What Are Advantages Of JavaScript?

Why is JavaScript great?

JavaScript is behind any good responsive web design.

More and more, developers need to adapt their design across multiple browsers and devices.

Combining HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript, they can do so within a single codebase.

For developers, JS is easy to learn and fast to get into active development..

Where do I put jquery in HTML?

Put jquery as the first before other JS scripts at the bottom of tagThe problem caused is that they block parallel downloads. … So select 2 (two) most important scripts on your page like analytic and pixel script on the tags and let the rest including the jquery to be called on the bottom tag.

Why would you use JavaScript?

JavaScript works on web users’ computers — even when they are offline! JavaScript allows you to create highly responsive interfaces that improve the user experience and provide dynamic functionality, without having to wait for the server to react and show another page.

Why is JavaScript a security risk?

One of the most common JavaScript security vulnerabilities is Cross-Site Scripting (XSS). Cross-Site Scripting vulnerabilities enable attackers to manipulate websites to return malicious scripts to visitors. … This JavaScript security issue can lead to account tampering, data theft, fraud and more.

Can you use JavaScript to hack?

Hacking is unique every time. … Cross-site scripting is a type of hack that uses JavaScript: If a website blindly takes parameters from the URL or submitted form data and displays them on the page without safely encoding them as text (worryingly common), you can provide a