What Does Dabs Stand For?

What does DAB slang mean?

highly concentrated marijuana extractIn slang, dab can be a highly concentrated marijuana extract, a type of hip-hop dance, or touching the ground with your foot while you ride a bicycle..

What does DAB mean in text message?

Digital Audio BroadcastingDAB means “Digital Audio Broadcasting”.

How much is Roger mooking worth?

Roger Mooking Net WorthEstimated Net Worth in 2019$1 Million – $5 Million (Approx.)Previous Year’s Net Worth (2018)$100,000 – $1 MillionAnnual SalaryUnder Review.Income SourcePrimary Income source Chef (profession).

What nationality is Roger mooking?

CanadianTrinidadianRoger Mooking/Nationality

What does DAB mean on Snapchat?

The definition of DAB is “Digital Audio Broadcasting”

Why do people DAB?

Since 2015, dabbing has been used as a gesture of triumph or playfulness, becoming a youthful American fad and Internet meme. … The move looks similar to someone sneezing into the crook of their elbow.

What does mooking mean?

Smoking tobacco and marijuana together in the bowl of a pipe is known as mooking. The chemicals of tobacco and marijuana work on the nervous system and affect both the mind and the body.

What replaced dabbing?

Cam Newton’s New Touchdown Dance Replaces Dabbing | Time.

Is the DAB offensive?

As we believe that the dab is a rude gesture, we use it as a mean to offend someone in upsetting situations. … The dab is seen as being in bad taste because it’s been labelled as offensive since it came into FIFA.

What does DAB me up mean?

dab me up: a sweet hand shake, grab up and then pull out with a slide snap. Thank you, Urban Dictionary. … DABBIN’ ALL DAY.

Where does Roger mooking live?

Early life. Mooking was born in Trinidad and Tobago into an extended family made up of food and beverage business providers. He moved to Canada at the age of five, and grew up in Edmonton, Alberta, where his parents were in the restaurant business. He has both Caribbean and Chinese ancestry.