What Is Behind The Text?

How do I remove the behind text in Word?

Selecting a Graphic that is Behind TextMake sure the Home tab of the ribbon is displayed.Click the Select tool (in the Editing group) and then choose Select Objects.Click on the graphic you want to select, without regard to any text that may be covering it..

Why does my text in Word have a GREY background?

Microsoft Word’s Paragraph and Page Setup options enable you to remove gray shading behind the text and update your document. If a gray background makes the text look indistinct, select a brighter color in the Shading chart to make the text stand out on the page.

How do I put text next to a picture in Word 2010?

Wrap text around a picture in WordSelect the picture.Select Layout Options.Select the layout you want. Tip: In Line with Text puts the picture in a paragraph, just as if it were text. The picture will change position as text is added or removed. The other choices let you move the picture around on the page, with text flowing around it.

How do I put a shape behind text in pages?

If you want to layer objects behind body text, you need to add a background object to the page, then position it behind the text. Drag an object so it overlaps with one or more other objects. In the Format sidebar, click the Arrange tab.

How do I send a picture behind text in Word?

Moving Images Behind TextSelect the image.Choose the Order option from the Draw menu on the Drawing toolbar. Word displays a submenu.Choose Send Behind Text from the submenu. The image should move behind the text.

How do you highlight something in Word?

Highlight multiple parts of a documentGo to Home and select the arrow next to Text Highlight Color.Select the color that you want. … Select the text or graphic that you want to highlight.To stop highlighting, select the arrow next to Text Highlight Color.

How do you arrange pictures in Word?

Align pictures to objects or other pictures Hold down the Ctrl key and select each object that you want to align. Go to Picture Format or Picture Tools Format > Align, and then choose an option, such as Center, Top, or Bottom.

What is meant by the world behind the text?

The world Behind the text. which world identifies. The author and their intent- who wrote the text, how do we know this, why did they write this text.

What are three worlds?

The most common division of the universe is the tri-loka, or three worlds (heaven, earth, atmosphere; later, heaven, world, netherworld), each of which is divided into seven regions. Sometimes 14 worlds are enumerated: 7 above earth and 7 below.

Who wrote Genesis?

MosesTradition credits Moses as the author of Genesis, as well as the books of Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and most of Deuteronomy, but modern scholars especially from the 19th century onward see them as a product of the 6th and 5th centuries BC.

How do I put text over a picture in Word 2010?

On the Insert tab, in the Text group, click Text Box, drag to draw a text box anywhere near the picture, and then type your text. To change the font or style of the text, highlight the text, right-click it, and then select the text formatting you want on the shortcut menu.

How do you select an object behind another object in Word?

Press and hold Shift or Ctrl while you click the objects. Select an object that is under other objects and cycle forward through the stack of objects. Select the top object, and then press Tab. Select an object that is under other objects and cycle backward through the stack of objects.

How do you remove shading from a table in Word?

Remove shading from a tableSelect the cells you want to change. To select an entire table, click in the table, and then click the Table Move Handle in the upper-left corner. … On the Table Tools Design tab (the Table Tools Layout tab in OneNote), click the Shading menu.Click No Color.

How do I group all shapes in Word?

Group shapes, pictures, or objectsPress and hold CTRL while you select the shapes, pictures, or objects that you want to group. The Wrap Text option for each object must be other than In line with Text. … Go to Drawing Tools or Picture Tools, on the Format tab, in the Arrange group, select Group. , and then select Group.