What Is The Age Of Kanishak Kataria?

Is IAS and IPS syllabus same?

What is IAS, IPS, IFS.

First part is that whatever you want to prepare, for example IAS, IPS or IFS the system of exam is same.

This exam is conducted by a Board or Commission that is UPSC (Union Public Service Commission), So frequently it is called as UPSC exam also..

Did Kanishak Kataria take coaching?

Kataria took coaching for 7-8 months in Delhi To prepare for the Civil Services Examination, Kataria attended IAS coaching classes for 7-8 months in Delhi, he told BBC Hindi. He also revealed that he did not have any idea about the UPSC CSE and that is why he had to take coaching to get to know the basics.

What caste is Kataria?

The Bhil Kataria are a sub-division of the Bhil community found in the state of Rajasthan in India. They are known as Kataria Bhil because they inhabit the Kataria region of Rajasthan. It is an area that covers parts of the districts of Udaipur, Dungarpur and Banswara.

What is Kanishak Kataria doing now?

Kanishak Kataria, has done BTech from IIT Bombay and opted for mathematics as his optional subject. He is from Rajasthan and is currently working as a data scientist. Previously, he has been a member of institute’s placement cell. Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot in a tweet congratulated Mr Kataria.

Is Kanishka Kataria SC?

Kanishak Kataria, a B. Tech graduate from IIT Bombay has topped the civil services final exam, the UPSC announced this evening as it declared the results. Kataria, who belongs to the SC Category, qualified the examination with Mathematics as his optional subject, Union Public Service Commission or UPSC said.

What is the age of Akshat Jain?

For 23-year-old Akshat Jain it was a pleasant surprise to find his name in the list of successful candidates of Civil Services Examination. For 23-year-old Akshat Jain, it was a pleasant surprise to find his name in the list of successful candidates of Civil Services Examination.

Which is tough IAS or IIT?

UPSC and JEE are two of the most coveted exams. UPSC can easily be considered to be an exam which checkmates JEE and takes the title for the most challenging examination in the country and probably even the world at large.

When did srushti Deshmukh started preparing?

I started preparing when I was in the second year of engineering. I signed up for online coaching and test series. I’d read the papers, refer to study materials and study for 5-6 hours a day.

Where did Tina Dabi took coaching?

The 2016 UPSC topper Tina Dabi was from Vajiram Velayutham, the center boasts of top-class faculty, and sees nearly 5,000 student enrolments every year.

Who topped UPSC 2019?

Pradeep SinghMeet Haryana’s Pradeep Singh who topped 2019 UPSC exam.

Is Akshat Jain IAS officer?

Akshat Jain has secured the All India Rank-2 in the 2018 Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examination. An alumnus of IIT Guwahati, bagged the second position in the prestigious exam in his second attempt. Read more to know about IAS topper 2018 Akshat Jain and his strategies to clear the IAS exam.

Did Akshat Jain took coaching?

IAS topper Akshat Jain, Rank 2 in the IAS exam 2019, is an IIT Guwahati graduate in design. He prepared the general studies by himself and took the coaching for his optional subject Anthropology.

When did Kanishak Kataria started preparing for UPSC?

2010Was working as Data Scientist when decided to prepare In 2010, Kataria secured AIR 44 in IIT-JEE and subsequently completed his B.

Is Kanishak Kataria married?

Kanishak Kataria Marriage , IAS kanishak married with his girlfriend sonal chouhan In this lovely video you will be a part of kanishak marriage we have taken some clips of his marriage and made a video with the very lovely some Main tera ban jaonga.

Which coaching did Kanishak Kataria join?

Kataria had joined coaching for JEE in Resonance at Kota, Rajasthan since class 9. He has also interned with Microsoft India. During his college years, Kataria was a member of the placement team. As per information received, Kataria is the son of IAS Sanwar Mal Verma, who works in the Revenue Department, Jaipur.