Why Did Matic Leave Chelsea?

Where is Juan Mata now?

Manchester United F.C.#8 / MidfielderJuan Mata/Current teams.

What does Matic mean?

-matic comes from Greek/Latin and means that something ‘operates’ or ‘acts’ on itself or whatever the prefix is…lolike ‘psychosomatic’ the mind=psycho acts on or ‘controls’ the body=soma.

Are Vidic and Matic brothers?

Uros, 28, is Nemanja’s younger brother and they were together at Benfica. … Uros Matic, Nemanja’s younger brother, gets his point across during his time with NAC Breda.

The midfielder played for Serbia alongside former United captain Vidic, who won five Premier League titles and the Champions League in a glittering career eight-year spell at the club. And Matic is keen to make sure that his namesake has no reason to question his move from south London.

Why did Chelsea sell Matic?

Chelsea selling Nemanja Matic to Manchester United was ‘exceptionally poor judgement’, claims Garth Crooks. Nemanja Matic’s transfer to Manchester United was “exceptionally poor judgement” by Chelsea coach Antonio Conte, according to Garth Crooks.

Why did Juan Mata leave Chelsea?

You can unsubscribe at any time. Juan Mata has spoken of his time at Chelsea under Jose Mourinho, saying that he ‘never had a personal problem’ with the manager. The Spaniard fell out of favour under Mourinho at Stamford Bridge before being allowed to leave for a new challenge with Manchester United.

What nationality is Nemanja Matic?

SerbianSlovakNemanja Matić/Nationality

What age is Matic?

32 years (August 1, 1988)Nemanja Matić/Age

How old is Paul Pogba?

27 years (March 15, 1993)Paul Pogba/Age

How much did Manu buy Matic?

Manchester United confirmed the deal the next day, with Matić signing a three-year contract with an option for an extra year, for a fee reported to be in the region of £40 million.

Who signed Juan Mata for Chelsea?

ValenciaTransfer. On 21 August 2011, Valencia announced they had agreed a £23.5 million fee for the transfer of Mata to Premier League club Chelsea, subject to a medical.

How old is Juan Mata?

32 years (April 28, 1988)Juan Mata/Age